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Frequently Asked Questions

* How long is your product guaranty?

5 years on all Amity products.

* How would you like payment?

5% discount by prepayment before delivery. Money back guaranty If returned inside of 2 weeks, overseas 3 weeks. Contact us for more information.

* Where do I find technical information?

Go to products and click on *data*.

* Where do I find actual prices?

If not listed in Retail Prices, or to be delivered outside of Europe, contact us for an actual price list.

* Where can I buy Amity products?

We sell world-wide direct from Amity®, Germany. We recommend a very good store in Berlin : Audio Forum, Kurfürstendamm 150, 10709 Berlin.

* Where can I get sales information and data    sheets?

Printout from *DATA* at Products or contact us using the contact information.

* Which headphones do you recommend?

We recommend our, and our customer's favorites. Especially recommended: Philips SBC HP1000, AKG K 601, Beyerdynamics DT 880, Grado RS2, Sennheiser HD 600, Sennheiser HD 595 or Sennheiser HD 590.

* Which connection gives the best sound quality?

We recommend connection direct on DVD two channel output, or CD analog output, or with two T-Adapt connectors in a hifi chain 'Line Out' output.

* Is it possible to get your products all in black?

Yes it is possible, but without lettering on the front. Manufacturing just does black letters on natural anodized aluminium frontplates.

* Which interconnect cable lengths do you make?

The standard length is 80 cm, other lengths up to 2,5 meter are normal.

* Which speaker cable lengths do you make?

The standard lengths are up to 2.5 meter, but other lengths are possible.

If you have other questions, please use the / contact / page.

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