* Grado RS2 Headphones

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Grado RS2
Technical Information:
   Weight without cable
   Frequency range
   Headphone class
   Maximum power
   Cable outlet, two sided
   Cable connector

250 g
12 bis 30 k-Hz
32 Ohm
98 dB/V
Dynamic, open
280 mW
--- m long
1/4 inch stereo

The Grado RS2's have vented diaphragms, wooden air chambers UHPLC copper voice coils and UHPLC copper lead in wires. They sit on the ears whereas larger headphones sit around the ears and on the head. They have a bit less bass foundation than the RS1's and therefore are not quite as spectacular as the RS1's. But, for the price / high end sound, the RS2's are highly recommended by Amity. But, if you have the money, buy the RS1's to get the maximum possible. We love the full 'roundness and speed of these headphones which top the easy listening charts. It is worth it to check internet for critic and praise, to confirm our remarks, and get further information to make a wise decision.

*   /www.gradolabs.com/    Grado, 4614 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11220 USA