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HPA4XD Twins, Two HPAX's in one housing!


HPA4XD- has 2 x double mono, super linear, 4 x 1.3 Watt, very fast, high definition, low distortion, super linear amplifiers. They have very low noise below -96 dBV and studio level 24 bit 128 k-Hertz high quality sound. each channel drives perfectly impedances between 8 and 600 Ohms. Output impedance is close to 0 Ohm.

HPA4XD- This is a special device that can be customised to the customer's wishes. Order the HPA4XD with black top and bottom or the HPA4SD with silver top and bottom. These Twin headphone amplifiers, in one housing, are for the plug in of two seperate headphones, each being driven with seperate HPA4 amplifiers for the best possible sound. Two headphones with wide differences in impedance and sensitivity can then be connected without lowering the sound quality. The -XD or -SD can be delivered with two one-knob stereo controls or with four one-knobs mono (balancing) controls on the front. The back can also be customised with only one AC power connector for both amplifiers, or with one for each amplifier. RCA signal input jacks can be seperated, one stereo pair for each amplifier or just one pair connected internally to both amplifiers. With the seperated inputs, two separate sources can be listened to, to compare sources. With the connected inputs, one source can be listened to, to compare headphones and/or two people can listen at different volume levels to the same source. The LED's on the front can be ordered in green or in blue. When ordering, please tell us how we should build it to exactly your wishes! Headphone retailers should use this amp to give customers the chance to compare headphones honestly! Hanging 10-20 different headphones on one power amp in a store shows only the owners and the buyers ignorance of basic hifi rules. Setting each headphone to the same listening volume gives then an 'honest' comparison!

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