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HPA5R Headphone Amplifier especially designed for
Grado SR1 and SR2 Headphones !

HPA5R- This Amity® Headphone amplifier is engineered to get the absolute best out of the 'best' headphones. It has two knobs for volume control, one for the left channel and one for the right channel. The majority of our customers like the high end positioning of music instruments: In a listening session, they use the two knobs as a balance and a three dimension control. This also gives our customers the possibility to equalize recordings which have one channel 'louder'. This version is also for people who hear one side louder than the other. This version has extra fine tuned electronics with better than DVD 24-bit 128 k-Hz sound quality! It has very high definition sound for tone studios and at home. Very expensive circuitry is used with distortion under 0.001%. Noise is less than -100dB at 0dBV output. The rugged housing has black anodized top and bottom and has natural anodized aluminium front and back plates. Amity® can deliver this headphone amp also as silver version with blue LED's. It has a high quality 1/4 inch stereo jack for headphones plugin.


HPA5R- The electronics is the best you can buy: super-linear 10 hertz to 100 kilo-Hertz, super fast over 1 volt pro micro-second, drives perfectly Grado SR1 and SR2 headphones with 32 Ohms. Output drivers are set to class 'A'. Reserve power is more than 1,6 Watt pro channel even if not used for the 200mW maximum. Output impedance is near 0 Ohms. The power switch is a push to toggle type.

HPA5R- Back There is a standard power connector for power hookup. We use a P,N and Gnd 3-pole for power so that hi-fi freeks can test different power cables to maybe improve the sound. There are special power cables on the hi-fi market that are supposed to be able to do this. A three pole cable is also easy to obtain in different countries for their special power outlets. The aluminium back plate is natural anodized. The black rubber feet keep the housing from sliding on polished surfaces. A pass-through double RCA connector option is possible for each channel. This allows the HPA5R to be fit into high end chains. If you do not need this option do not order it, because the unused RCA connectors can inject noise! Please include your wishes on your order. For interconnection we recommend our CHNC-1-HE cables to get even more High Quality sound. Why would anyone connect RCA cables that influence or color the sound? Our independant cable testers verify that the CHNC-1-HE cables compare with cables for 100 times the price. Our cables are stiff but can be bent to fit.


HPA5R Back- has two gold plated 'RCA' connectors (two pairs as option). The 'CE' mark is for our declaration of conformity to the European low voltage directive, to the European EMC directive and the European CE Marking directive. Lightning struck by one of our customers, all other devices were destroyed, our headphone amp needed only a new fuse! Our amps have a four-fold internal protection.

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