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PRE3, Preamplifier, 3 stereo Inputs, 1 stereo Output

PRE3 On the front are two knobs, one for volume control and one for 1-of-3 input channel selection. This amplifier has DVD 24-bit 96 k-Hz sound quality!. The 'live, on stage' sound is astounding! Tone engineers and high-Enders can connect quality headphones, with standard 6,3mm plug, to the front. Maybe they will even decide then not to connect to a power amp and speakers and save money! The round black switch has a white circle to push to snap on power. Note! The power supply has such large capacitors that turn off is not immediate. The two LED's dimm down very slowly. We recommend our CHNC-1-HE cables to maintain high end integrity. One cable set would be needed to connect to the power amp (or our MB1 monoblocks). Three cable sets would be needed for DVD, phono RIAA preamp, or tuner inter-connections.


PRE3 The electronics is the best you can buy: Super-linear 10 Hertz to 100 kilo-Hertz, Super fast 1volt pro micro-second, Drives perfectly power amp(s) or all dynamic headphones from 30 Ohms to 600 Ohms, High power 2 Watt pro channel, Very high definition sound for tone studios and at home. The rugged housing is aluminium with black powder coating and front and back with natural anodized aluminium plates.

PRE3 Back There is a standard power connector for power hookup. We use a P,N and Gnd 3-pole for power so that hi-fi freeks can test different power cables to maybe improve the sound. There are special power cables on the hi-fi market that are supposed to be able to do this. A three pole cable is also easy to obtain in different countries for their special power outlets.


PRE3 Back has 8 gold plated 'RCA' connectors for our DAK2 inter-connect cables, Output labeled 'AMP' and inputs labeled: 'TUNER', 'CD' and 'AUX'. The aluminium back plate is natural eloxiert. The black rubber feet keep the housing from sliding on polished surfaces. The 'CE' mark is for our declaration of conformity to the European low voltage directive, to the European EMC directive and the European CE Marking directive.

Anderson Electronic, Gartenstrasse 104, 74076 Heilbronn, Deutschland