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TADAPT RCA Plug to two RCA Jacks !

TADAPT plug to 2 jacks, gold plated adapters, are used to connect Amity Headphone Amplifiers into hifi systems. They allow the break-out from a CD or DVD player to your preamplifier in one leg and to a HPA- headphone amplifier in the other leg..


TADAPT (2 needed) are normaly plugged into the output devices left and right jacks such as on a DVD, CD or tape etc. and 2  DAK2(s) cable pairs are then branched off to our Headphone amplifier inputs and to the preamplifier inputs, gold to right sides and black to left sides. This arrangement does not affect the system sound and with our cables can even improve the sound. Important is two of the same cable pairs branching off from the output device.

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