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MB1 MONOBLOCK's can be connected direct to source!

     2 Amity® MB1 power amps, cost together less than $ 1,330.00 (Euro 998.00).
MB1 Monoblocks MB1 power amplifiers have a highly transparent and studio quality sound! Each MB1 can deliver 40 watt hi-end music power or 80 watt Impulse power on 3 Ohms. A stereo system with two MB1's can deliver over 80 watt music power, or a five 5-channel MB1 home cinema system, 200 watts. Due to their super sound and small size, they fit living rooms and home multi-media rooms perfectly!
MB1 Front: Located on the front is a power switch, a volume control and two LED's which indicate that both the positive and negative voltages are up and running. The volume control is for systems connected direct to a DVD, CD or digital tuner (which gives the best possible high end sound) whereby each channel can be preset for perfect volume matching.
MB1 Monoblocks MB1 Technical Information: Under 0.01% distortion at 40 watts on 4 Ohm complex load, one decibel linearity from 15 Hz to 60 k-hertz, perfect phasing for on-time impulsing and more than one volt pro µ-sec. slew, studio live high quality transparent and wide open sound character, size: 221 x 226 x 63 mm (w, l, h), and it weighs less than 2.5 kilogram.
MB1 Back: Located on the back is a high performance heatsink, two banana jacks for connection to the speakers (one red and one black for + and - polarity), a RCA input connector, a line in fuse and a 3-pole line in power connector. MB1's are delivered in 115V and 230V versions for either 50 or 60 hertz lines.

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